Prepping Wood

The finishing process is extremely meticulous work, but it’s worth all of the effort. Once you feel this finish, you’ll know why we obsess the details. Our focus is never “how can we just wrap up this job” everyone is thinking “is this the best job we can do?”


Our finish is quite simply put the best available. It is a multi step sprayed conversion varnish finish. The interiors are sprayed to be just as durable as the exteriors. This finish will look more beautiful and outlast any other finish available today.

Always Unique

The look of your finish can vary as widely as the design of your kitchen. We specialize in all types of finishing techniques. We can achieve great looks that span the spectrum of true antique finishes to high gloss urethane finishes. We can create anything you can dream of. We have even formed collaboration with one of the worlds best traditional hand applied finishers, giving you the option of having your cabinetry installed unfinished, and then being finished on site.