From Concept to Installation

How it all comes together

The Design Phase

Seasoned Project Managers

We know the process of moving a project from concept to completion can seem overwhelming. To help navigate the construction landscape, our seasoned project managers will walk with you through the entire project to ensure your experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We love to collaborate and we love to help bring your vision to life.

Best-in-class drawings

The process of capturing your vision begins on paper in the design phase. Each drawing is created from scratch and creates the foundation for a successful project. Our experienced design team prides itself on creating best-in-class CAD drawings that leave no stone unturned and no detail overlooked.

The Production Phase

Crafting your cabinetry

Using a blend of traditional methods and state-of-the-art tools and techniques, our craftsmen are tasked with handcrafting your cabinetry. We use only the highest quality products that will produce the highest quality results. We love to create truly custom cabinetry that matches your style and personality.

Decades of experience

To us, your cabinetry is not just a number in an assembly line. Each member of our team, from front office to final hardware, knows your project by name. We treat each cabinet with as much care and attention to detail as if it were our own.

The Finishing Phase

Meticulous Details

Whether choosing one of our curated color selections or matching a custom color, our finish will set your cabinetry apart with distinction and class. We are meticulous in our processes and aim for perfection in our execution.

Highest Quality Finishing

Our finishers set the bar high and continue to push the envelope with innovative and fresh ideas. We use the highest quality finishing products to ensure your cabinetry is durable and can stand the test of time.

The Delivery & Installation Phase

On-time delivery

Working closely with builders and other trades, we pride ourselves on delivering your cabinetry on-time, when needed. Once on site, we engineer our cabinetry with the installer in mind. We think through how the installation of our work will happen and build your cabinetry so that it can be installed without flaw.

Finishing strong

We know that we are only as good as the finished product. We will see your project through until it is completed and perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell your cabinetry through a showroom?

No, and we love it that way. Our cabinetry is all commissioned from the builder or designer you are working with. By selling directly to your team, we are able to do 2 things really well. First, we avoid the unnecessary markups that are typically associated with a retail model, and secondly, we are able to build exactly what your architect or designer envisions.

How is your quality of cabinetry unique from all of my other options?

Since we are not confined by the structure of a retail showroom, we are able to put the value of your cabinetry into the product itself. We pride ourselves in producing all aspects of the cabinetry with exceptionally high standards. It would be impossible to list all of the details that are elevated in quality but suffice it to say we think you will be impressed.

How does your process work?

We have built our company to work seamlessly with the professional design community. We have a deep appreciation for the architecture of your home, and we see your cabinetry being just as much of an architectural element as the window locations, or the proportions of your cornice. We like to say that we are the technicians of the designer’s vision.

Who will we work with from Lyndon Heath Cabinetry?

Each job that we receive is assigned to one of our project managers and they will be your point of contact from start to finish. Our project managers know your job inside and out. They are not only tasked with interpreting all of the details accurately, but they are also great at problem solving and making suggestions as questions arise.

Do we just build off of the architectural prints?

We lean heavily on the architectural prints to ensure that we fully capture the correct details, but we do not build off of them. Our team will personally come to your job site and take professional field dimensions and then create our own full scale CAD drawings that show every detail of what we will build. Our shop drawings will give you the confidence to know exactly what we are building, and will give your builder the confidence that they will fit exactly as planned. You can see an example of our shop drawings here.

Do you offer different lines of cabinetry?

We only build high end, top quality cabinetry. However, when certain rooms are more budget conscious, we find great success in helping value engineer the specifications to match the level of importance to the space they are going to.

What are your finishing capabilities?

The cabinet finish is arguably the most important part of your final product, and we are meticulous in treating it that way. We do all of the cabinet finishes in house with our team of experienced finish specialists.

My builder is recommending that we split the cabinetry up between a few shops because it is too much for one shop to handle. What is your capacity to handle large projects?

Most of our work consists of multiple spaces of cabinetry within the same home. We do not take on a multitude of small individual projects to fill our schedule, but rather take on select homes each year that we are the lead provider of their cabinetry. We have yet to see a house that has too much work for us to handle. Our record number of individual rooms of cabinetry within one house is 64.

What is your typical lead time?

Since we are not a production shop that just takes orders, we don’t have a typical lead time. However we are very job site conscious. We find it works best to know about your project as soon as possible. Once we understand the scope, we will work with your builder to establish a build schedule to make sure your cabinetry shows up on site exactly when it is needed.

How do you quote our work?

We use your designers or architects drawings to create a very clear and detailed proposal of your project.

What if my designer is amazing but does not know the intricacies of cabinetry?

We don’t expect that the designers are experts in cabinetry. That is our job. We will work to translate their vision and we are responsible to take care of all of the nuanced details so they can do what they do best, and have the assurance that it will all turn out great!

How do we make selections if you don’t have a showroom?

The joy of creating something truly custom is that you will be the only one to have it. We do not sell you prescripted styles. We do however have a multitude of samples (ranging from finishes, to door styles, to shelf nosings) that we use to illustrate how all of the individual elements will come together.

Do you install your cabinetry?

We do not have any installers on staff at LHC. Most frequently the builder is responsible to find the install team that they work with to install the cabinetry. It is a very similar role to the trim carpenters. We have found that it works most seamlessly this way. Under limited circumstances, we are asked to recommend an installation team, and we are happy to do so. Either way, our job does not end when we deliver your cabinetry. We are dedicated to seeing it through all the way to completion, so we are on call with any questions your installers might have.

What happens if the cabinetry on-site gets damaged?

We have an in house cabinet repair specialist that can work magic on cabinetry that has been damaged after it has been installed.

How far do you travel?

The bulk of our work is around the greater DC area. However, our cabinetry can be found in Florida, Montana, South Carolina, New York, New Jersey and Delaware.

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